No, sorry. In addition, they use communications to determine the location of the fleet, not bloody DRADIS. Maybe you replace a handful of characters with mutants, and see how the plot changes and evolves from the original. Commander, it looks like the fleet is massing near Virgon, Forge reports. Or anything thats actually worth reading. Thats when it happens, his Viper suddenly goes dark as he starts to pull the trigger. The other ships in the fleet didnt have. Mister Secretary, weve got someone on line for you, the Captain says coming in, breaking the tension, and Xavier nods, wheeling into the cockpit as the captain hands him the communicator. In her Viper, Alicia pushes forward the throttle, her eyes darting over the DRADIS console as she spots the missile in front of her. I mean, just look at our current world, and how bigotry still exists regardless of any of the various civil rights movements of the 20th century! BATTLESTAR PROMETHEUS. I was thinking, we cant be the only ship out here, so we should start searching for more survivors, find some place to hide., Yes Mr. Secretary, Alicia says, and smirks at James as Xavier heads back to the cockpit. Ruin Queen and authors like her have so much potential with their concepts. Id say, three adults, Jubilee Not!Boomer says, Sam Not!Helo nods and grabs a flight manual and a marker. They are linked permanently to that life-support apparatus, and thus were a dead end for the Cylons. My mother once told me that you opposed her joining the Colonial Fleet, Alicia says. This is the Commander, prepare for combat, scramble Vipers, she says as the Cylons get closer and closer. Battlestar Prometheus for all intents and purposes is a re-write of the newer version of Battlestar Galactica with X-Men characters, but with additional twists. (LogOut/ # 3. He isn't really talking about the missing one-third of the fleet. An Angsty AU fic that partially splits from canon during Season 2 'Epiphanies' (let's ignore that the Cylon sympathisers ever existed, ok?) Then he turns somber as the Captain walks into the cabin, looking at a piece of paper. Alicia nods and goes around, looking to see if there was a priest on board the Elysium. Now, in the. This doesnt happen. Recommended Battlestar Galactica "Earth-contact" fics by Stephan Sokolow is licensed under a Creative . who says this, not Tigh. You could have at least given them a name. Gods, what now he mutters, trying to re-activate his systems, he presses his wireless. by writing a story titled "The Battle of Caprica" which details the original Prometheus and Galactica's heroic stand against the Cylons during the Original Cylon War. Then lets hope we dont need it until then, Marie says, then suddenly the DRADIS begins flashing. That original content isnt even necessary or remotely important, just vaguely related dialogue or exposition. We start with yet another authors note. Title: Battlestar Prometheus if Not!Adama is meant to be Adama, shes doing a shit job at it. Its like Alicia is secretly one of those hive-mind aliens from Half Life 2 that have the weird electrical powers, or the old man from the ending for Mass Effect 3. Lieutenant, Im sure by now youre aware of whats going on.. Battlestar Wiki guidelines on non-canonical information restrict the creation of fan fiction-related articles. Now we must endure this mopey Not!Apollo OC for longer than wed otherwise require! Now, I dont know if were going to get that chance., Lieutenant, I know your mother from before she was the Commander, Xavier says. Subarticles must add the {{fandom}} template tag at the top of the page. Lieutenant, welcome to the CIC, Marie says, looking up from the center console. Caprica, do you think we can make it? Sam asks. List of Secondary and Escort Warship. It regurgitates, it bores, and it makes mistake after mistake after mistake. I, Charles Francis Xavier. The two most egregious things about regurgitation in general are that it makes a story filled with it boring to people who know the canon youre regurgitating, and its extremely lazy. Yes sir, the Captain says, transmitting the code again as Xavier wheels back into the main cabin, he stops next to Alicia who is looking out the window. About; Author Endorsements; Barracks; Dictionary of the Damned; Scam Site Warning; The Enlistment Office; The Snark Crew; 2603: Battlestar Prometheus - Chapter 2 Allen Hohensee: Project Promoter, Fan Liaison and Webmaster Manager. In the Miniseries, all Tyrol says they have to do is unplug the exhausts, reload the weapons with ammunition, and fuel them up. Were still working on that, Caprica City was hit pretty hard when they struck Caprica, Sean says on the other end. There are no guns involved, only their missile launchers! Status: Complete. Gaeta is responsible for the DRADIS, not communications; and thus Forge is also not responsible for communications. Again, this is not how this scene goes. In addition, this particular character replacement has not been previously mentioned, and thus we can only guess that they are meant to replace a unimportant, unseen, and ultimately deceased character. War Crimes. Battlestar Prometheus. There has to be something left we can use.. The Captains not in charge, James says as they start to enter the cabin. Id kill to meet him in real life! Members: 8 They kill the Viper squadron with missiles!!! felony friendly jobs near me; when do lansing schools start 2021 2022; kotobukiya bishoujo beetlejuice Actually, thats not entirely fair. Added perspective on Home, Parts 1 and 2. is a Battlestar Galactica (2003) fic where, after their deaths at the end of the series, William Adama and Laura Roslin find themselves back in the Colonies almost two decades prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, just after Adama's divorce and the death of Roslin's family. Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut UP!!! I wish I could offer more insight than namedrops, but these substitutions arent doing anything but namedropping. Fan Fiction Novels from Clean Slate Press, Quick, chew up some paper! Commander, Im getting more reports, Jean says. List of Secondary and Escort Warship's Classes. With every fiber of my being, Irene finishes. The launch tubes on Galactica are used to launch fighters in the same way as modern day aircraft carriers. Critiqued by Crazy Minh & Major Wade. Its heavily implied that these hallucinations are actually alien beings who are running some sort of looping experiment on humanity, under the orders of the being that the humans know as God. Cannonball, keep an eye on DRADIS, let me know if anything changes.. Battlestar Galactica - Since 1995. I have a passing familiarity with X-Men, but the only thing I know about BSG is Cylons = bad. The fic hasnt been updated since 2013, and this is the last chapter published. However, the Hybrids turned out to be extremely useful. elizabeth baptist church pastor oliver. Squadron of bogeys, Wait, clearing up interference, Sam says. Ryan has 'tipped the hat' to the SIM by refering in one episode to the Original Prometheus as the Fleet Training Vessel and to the C.D.F. I dont see how a Viper can get caught in the launch tube. Lieutenant, Im glad youre here, at least someone here is going to actually take charge, James says, getting a weird look from Alicia. "I'm putting our family back together." Cannonball, let me know if anything shows up on DRADIS., Not reading anything yet, Sam reports, Jubilee breathes a sigh of relief, then the DRADIS begins flashing. Its actually [Insert corresponding X-Men Character Here]!. Battlestar. We also cover supplements, notably comics and novels, via our Separate Continuity policy. All right, we have three spots free, heres how were going to do this, Sam Not!Helo says. [ special] , , , , , . Oh thank the Gods, we where afraid youd been hit as well, the voice on the other end says, Xavier recognizes it as one of the Presidents aides. Who is the Hybrid that the blonde Cylon was referring to? Oh, and there was no name given to the Battlestar that got all its systems shut down. Thankfully the Elysium comes to her rescue quickly, and soon she finds herself and her ship in the cargo bay. The writers of the Gemicon series left and started a new series at Battlestar Central. school of professional studies acceptance rate duplexes for rent in lebanon, mo duplexes for rent in lebanon, mo I am now imagining Patrick Stewart as a government official, and this is amusing to me. Captain, were picking up something, Jubilee says, tapping her wireless. Theyre fully functional, and theres nothing wrong with them. Battlestar Prometheus begins 18 months before the fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Not!Helo nods and grabs a flight manual and a marker. Tell DaCosta and his deck gang that I want the Vipers refitted and ready for battle.. The President's life is in jeopardy and it's only a matter of time until it's too late. For the most part, the story is set on the ship that shares the title of the fanfic, under the . battlestar prometheus fanfiction This page was last edited on 25 September 2021, at 20:38. With that, we come to the end of Battlestar Prometheus. As a side note, it would be prudent to note that this replacement for Apollo cannot canonically exist as the child of Rogue, as pointed out by Bats in the last riff. Now its Boomer and Helo as well that are being replaced. After a COVID rewatch I am determined to finish. Report an Issue | Lieutenant Forge, have you had any progress on locating us something to shoot with? Marie asks, looking at Forge. This statement makes me really doubt whether the author has seen BSG or not. Jubilation, snap out of it! Sam says, putting an arm on Jubilees shoulder, she snaps out of it just as the raiders launch missiles. Repeat after me. UPDATE 2017-11-14: There is now also a sequel in progress which is better-proofread and mixes in Harry Turtledove's Worldwar with a satisfying amount of focus on an apparently OC world that humanity chooses to help liberate from The Race. I still cant believe that of all the people they could have replaced Mary McDonnells Laura Roslin with, they replaced it with Professor X. Internet - Chris Reyes ("Atolm") No. Unless one of those doors didnt open right or the catapult failed to function, I dont see any conceivable way that a Viper could get stuck in the launch tube. Part of her whole character arc in both the comics and the movies is that she cannot get intimate with anyone, for the fear that she will kill them. If there is a need and relevant consensus for additional fan fiction-related articles, contributors are asked to create these as subarticles of this page. Well, thats my mother for you, Alicia chuckles. Everyone is going to get a piece of paper with a number on it, we are going to draw three numbers and whoever has the numbers drawn will get a spot on the Raptor. Why would you complain if you were being bossed around by Patrick Stewart? Also, its Munitions not Munitians. COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER. This is an alternate universe of the cannon BSG 2003, so there will be changes/differences. Synopsis: As the Cylons ravage the Colonies and exterminate the human race, they will find themselves at odds with an ancient menace, whose destiny is intertwined with that of the Galactica and her fleet of survivors. With that, we come to the end of. Why did you do that, Elysium??? Theres not much worth commenting on- other than the sheer waste of potential from this fic- and to be honest, the first chapter is where most of the nonsense came from. They began moving towards more organic designs, and created a large number of cybernetic hybrids. As such, thisreplacementcannot possibly exist. Reply . Uh, Elysium, I could use a hand over here, Alicia says kind of sheepishly. It doesnt look at all like it has a cockpit, as commented by the CAG right before he dies in the original scene from the show. This is the home of the LARGEST collection of Battlestar Galactica Fanfiction on the Net. Its only slightly longer, but its a lot bulkier and roomier. Tweet And a piece of advice from admiral Cain ;). Lots of interesting flashbacks (I think they're interesting anyway but what do I know?) The Kraken is a typical Conqueror class battle cruiser. Media: TV show/multimedia comics franchise While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Gustavo Herrera. If anyones wondering about the Not! What she didn't deserve was this weird happily-ever-after where she woke up in bed with her spouses (spouses, plural, what the frak?) Check out Ryan Keeton's Prometheous series! Um, no. Hes also human, and hes flawed, just like everyone else. Since starting the Battlestar Prometheus website has seen over seven thousand hits and has over one hundred dedicated readers. And to uphold the Articles of Colonization, Xavier says. All right, well take the children on board,. Officials advise using New Horizons Boulevard as an alternate route. Every Basestar has a room somewhere at its core containing a Hybrid. Umno? What do you mean the DRADIS begins flashing (urgh, tense shift!)??? Season 1 of Battlestar Prometheus began in January of 2007 and ended in July of 2007 with the Prometheus being captured by the agents of the sinister Terran Alliance (exiles of the 13th Tribe) after a massive space battle where the Prometheus and her sister ships inflicted massive damage on the Terran Alliance fleet. Yeah, and it took a war with the Cylons to actually make it work, Alicia says. All hail the Moon Spiders! - and gets picked up by the Galactica, before Boomer's sleeper personality is awakened.Things get weird. The mission leader, Dr Elizabeth Shaw, is in search of mankind's creators. Congradulations, Mister President, Alicia says as Xavier wheels away, she shakes his hand. This was written some time in the mid-2000s when the show was still on. The Battlestar Prometheus also acknowledges other great organizations with the Prometheus name such as the Battlestar Prometheus SIM and the Battlestar Prometheus Chapter of the Colonial Defense Forces fan club. There is a murmur among the crowd as Sam Not!Helo starts ripping out pages. Confirmed Renegade, The Captain says. It makes my think meat hurt. Powered by, Badges | this artical refers to the fiction by Ryan A Keeton, for information on other uses of the term see Battlestar Prometheus (Disambiguation). No, that is NOT what happens here. The following article acts as both a listing and basic ruleset for . The world of Remnant has been always worried about the Grimm and White Fang. While they were fully organic, they were unable to survive on their own without the help of immobile machinery. It was only when they reached Ragnar that she got ammo for her main guns. Bill arrives in the afterlife, Laura was right once again. Photoshop work featuring Kara & Leoben. BUT MISSING IN ACTION WHICH I HOPE TO START A FANFICTION/GRAPHIC NOVEL/AUDIO DRAMA SERIES LIKE BATTLESTAR PROMETHEUS WITH THE OLYMPIA AND HER ALL-FEMALE CREW DURING AND AFTER THE FALL OF THE COLONIES] . Who the fuck is Admiral Abernathy? Nisroch. Hes also human, and hes flawed, just like everyone else. Guess hes in charge.. Groups - Battlestar Galactica Fanclub Mind Screw Space Opera with Cyberpunk and Speculative Fiction elements. Also, how does she know our Elysium? Shes then killed off in the second season.

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