I suppose that the logical thing is that I get the 10 ticket for the train+shuttle bus, right? The Z221 bus is another option as it gets you closer to entrance gates, but I think youd need to take it from the start in Sesto San Giovanni, as I think it will be full by the time it gets to Monza. Your best bet is to park in one of the parks near the big P (Zona Parcheggi Comune di Monza). Good evening. We grabbed a beer at the station hang out tent, then spent about 30 minutes waiting in line. I really couldnt comment on your bicycle plan. You will still have some walking to Gate G after getting off the shuttle, but its the quickest way. Train from Bergamo and then the Black shuttle sounds like a good plan. For the race, I think some of the best views in General Admission are on the inside of Parabolica, but you probably need to reserve your spot early. I was there too and the bag checks and mud were not great this year, but I still love this circuit! I have a question about taxi to Bergamo airport after the race. Thanks. Hi Andrew, great website with lots of fab info! Thats right. The best way to get to Monza on Grand Prix weekend is to take one of the regular trains from the large stations in central Milan to Monza railway station, then a shuttle bus to the circuit. It depends only how far are you based from the Saronno train station. Hi Jim, hope you have a great weekend at Monza. Other good grandstands are 8a on the first corner, the Ascari grandstands, as well as those on approach to Parabolica, such as 21A the last is best value for money in my opinion. You can refer to the provider of the service http://www.trenord.it for the whole solutions (consider also Lissone-Muggio or Biassono train stations)! Looking forward to the GP Ive purchased four general admission tickets for the family for race day via Gootickets.com. Just to say that weve been staying in Bergamo for the Italian GP for a few years now. Great website, many thanks for all the usefull information. The amount of English spoken made me feel like I was more in New York than Milan. We have seats on Tribuna 1 Centrale and are arriving by car. It helped us really this weekend when we visited Monza this weekend. Is train to Monza Station the best option? 2) I dont think you need to pre-book train tickets in advance. Hello, I am not sure why did I have to spent the money for the torture. You should also exercise caution with your belongings, as pickpockets are active and love big crowds. Does the black shuttle service run Thursday to Sunday if not which days does it run. Thank You, Yes, you should be fine! Great site, informative with great info and tips. Im staying near Garibaldi station in Milan, and my seat ticket is 6b. Not sure when gates open, but aim to get there around 8-9am to beat most of the crowds. These are confirmed for 2022, check this link on the Monza website. Heading to the fanzone which was a large empty tent, food places etc all insane on queue lengths Hello! You have to validate the tickets on the yellow boxes on the platform. My doubt is to stay in Milan or Bergamo/Verona. we have tickets for the Monza race and are wondering how to get from Milan Central station to the circuit on saturday and sunday but expecially how to get to Linate airport after the race. Italy has a good motorway network, but the tolls can get quite expensive. The Ferrari museum is great, but it will be a lot of travel and its a long way to go for just one day. Having read the above I decided to purchase the 10 train and black shuttle bus tickets for Saturday and Sunday. Option 1) take the train from Bergamo to Monza station ore 2)take the train from Bergamo to Biassono-Lesmo Parco. Okay, we will take the train! Yes seats are numbered but only on Saturday and Sunday, and you may still have to ask some random person to vacate your seat. The only day you can park within Monza park is Thursday. I noticed that on Thursday in addition to the pit walk session in monza there is a parade later in Milano. Ill likely have a hire car which I will need to park somewhere as Im in the area for a couple of weeks. This is a camping area but has parking for 3000 cars. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you very much for your dedication Andrew! Im traveling from Bergamo and my intention at the moment is to take the train to Monza and then the shuttle. As for other tips, I recommend you visit Ostello Costa Alta, which is really close to your grandstand. Even on the metro when we had the wrong tickets, he totally helped us along. Thx. Hi Andrew, We looked into options of renting bicycles at a place to the South of the park (Cascina Bastia) close to a parking garage to save time at the end of the day with little time to make it to Linate for our 19:15 flight. Feel free to contact me here on website for further suggestions / help (or a.ste@me.com). Tickets cost just 1 per trip or you can buy a ticket valid for one day (3.50) or two days (5) which is also valid for trams and buses in the metro area (but not for the trains to the circuit). Also is it advisable to buy train tickets from the centre of Milan online before I go or to buy them once Im in Italy? There is always a down side and that was queuing to get in on race day. Which entrance should we use at the circuit ? Ill be driving to Monza from Milan for the first time this year. We ll be travelling from Como area by car, which is the best car park to park our car at and get to the circuit? Its probably a 20 minute walk after you get off the shuttle. Refer to http://www.trenord.it or http://www.trenitalia.it for the timetables in advance. Is there any chance the train/shuttle service from Milan to Monza will still be running on the Friday? Same as rest of Italian public system as well. Just a quick question about parking is it recommended that you buy parking tickets online for Monza or can you buy at the gate? Just follow the crowds! Are we okay to get the train from Como to Monza, or are there better options? Does the special train on race day stop at monza by any chance? And the Black shuttle costs 6 EUR return, you can pay on the day or buy in advance here. It was a very good option, considering I had tickets on Parabolica. Dear Editor team, first of all, this is great page and only one with useful tips how to get to Monza. 7 singular taps. I thought this may be the case. Hi, thanks for the useful information. Please note to not park out of regular spots, as the police tickets are very common during the gp. Ill be going to Monza this year, and will be taking the train from Milano Centrale to Monza. Hi Jo, sounds like a cool trip. }); We are going to Monza for this years race, seats in Grandstand 21A. Hi George, for 6B, it will be better to take the train to Monza followed by the shuttle bus to the circuit (assume the shuttles will be operational again this year). Hi hi,not long now till race day.. we have general admission tickets, we are holidaying in stresa and getting the train down to Milan, from there we intend to get the train to the circuit, are we best to head for monza station and get the black schuttle bus or go to Biassono ? Hi all struggling to find out how late the black shuttle buses back to Monza station run any ideas? Looks like the same travel time for trains from Varenna Monza as Milan Monza is this something you think would work? You can buy your ticket when you get on the shuttle and you will be given a coloured wristband to wear for your return journey. Hey oliver, i was wondering when is the best time to leave the hotel on race day to watch the f1, i mean whats the latest time to arrive? Sadly, I dont think we can necessarily expect an improved organization this year, because Italy:) I guess both options work, but the private transport will be more comfortable and a lot more expensive. The best drivers, the most famous cars, the most important events have created a special legend which has existed for almost 100 years. Hi Omri, you can actually take the train from Lake Como to Monza. Thank you very much in advance. Good luck with the drive and have a great weekend in Monza. Great website love it. WHERE TO PARK During the ITALIAN GRAND PRIX it is not possible to access the racetrack with private cars and motorbikes . I understand you catch the train to Monza but which would be the best shuttle bus to get to that part of the circuit.Thanks for your help. Thanks for all the information. Hi Andrew, I see on the Monza website that Trenord tickets can be purchased online in advance. Some feedback on our experience last weekend. Our seats are in Stand 8A looking forward to the race start! With over 270 train and coach companies in and across 45 countries including Trenitalia and Italo, see where you can go from Monza with Trainline today. Queued again for drinks and then food. Have 3 day GA tickets and like to wander around circuits. Outbound trains leaves Milano Porta Garibaldi at 17 past the hour for a 32 minute journey, and the return towards Milan leaves Biassono-Lesmo at 9 past the hour. Great site and really the go to for our trip planning. I dont recommend booking flights so early after the grand prix, but you still should be fine. Required fields are marked *. But you can find more info here (to actually buy parking passes, the site is in Italian only). Hi Andrew, Buy a ticket from the driver, about 2 EUR I guess. Otherwise Im sure its possible to find a well-rated shuttle service in Milan. Can I get a train direct to Monza from Como without having to go into Milan? For sure I wish I had arrived sooner at the train station, but couldnt for practical reasons. What do you think is the best route in? we have general admission tickets for the sunday. You can try CampingF1, they have a campsite thats around 30 minutes walk from the Lesmo entrance of the circuit. since the shuttle bus says that works over fri-sat-sun? From there, you can walk to Gate G, which is close to Grandstand 21c. and what can you take with you in your back, what is allowd on the circuit. Yes, trains do stop at Sesto San Giovanni en route from Milan Centrale to Monza. Would never go back (unless maybe I had money (and I mean helicopter kinda money)) Wich parkinglot/entrance should we use, when we have seats at parabolica 23a? How long do we need to walk to our seats if we do that? Ive bought tickets through F1.com and have been told due to printing delays we may have to collect our tickets from the circuit. I`ve never been to an F1 race before and would like to make the most of it even though sitting in the greens. Central station Milano is not the best option to go to Monza. Three shuttle bus lines service the circuit. Can i just show up Sunday around 11 am, park my car and buy a ticket on any, all of the entrance gates? Im going with Trenitalia train from Milano Centrale and i already bought those tickets. Hi Kaare, Google Maps says it will take around 40 mins on the motorway, but lets say around 1 hour. Andrew Then 5 minutes again to the stands. Theres bleachers around all over the track I liked the ones on the inside of Parabolica the most. Coming from 8B. We have a flight at 7pm from Linate Airport is that too early? Como is very nice! Monza train station is served by suburban train lines S8, S9 and S11. After that, its a 15-20 minute walk to the inside of Parabolica underpass from Gate A or overpass from Gate G. Good luck and enjoy the Temple of Speed! Vedano entrance is quite close to the parabolica. As for local bus, just buy your ticket on board. The circuit is far from Monza Railway Station (at least 40-45 minutes on foot, without suitcases). Hi Despina, I will be updating this page very soon! Different companies operate different sections of motorway, so sometimes you pay a set fee for a particular section, other times a rate per km. Question; Do trains only leave from the 3 biggist trainstations in Milano or do they also stop at Milano Greco Pirelli. The park is huge and has lots to see and do, so use that time to walk around and experience the atmosphere. Will the shuttle buses be running from the stations in 2022? We parked our bikes close to Ingresso C and after some queuing entered the circuit area. Thanks for your help! it depends, are you arriving from Monza/Milan or other cities? I crossed the road and entered the circuit at gate D. On leaving immediately after the race on Sunday about 15 minutes after the podium I didnt even have to queue to get out of the car park and drove the return same route and never stopped once. The city of Modena and the home of Ferrari at Maranello are also on the E45. Of course, this will be affected/determined by Ferrari Q performance on Saturday. For the general admission, I was wondering how early is early, to get a good spot on one of these bends? This service also stops at Monza, and someone coming from further afield (like Como) could catch it there too. This site is amazing thank you for all you do! Hi Michal, Id go for 8A. Enjoy! Contact Details Phone +39 02 7249 4494 . And avoiding the Black shuttle on race day is probably going to save you time and hassle, as it will be very popular/crowded. That being the case, be aware that a lot of folk actually travel out to the circuit without tickets. Or does it matter if we go to north east etc. They will wait, watch (through fences etc) and listen to the race. A lot of the paths are through the woods and so are dirt tracks which turn to mud if its been raining a decent pair of walking shoes or boots is a must! I think it will still be quicker than getting out in a car after the race. Also we are travelling from Milan, will take the train so any advice would be awesome. Hi, I will go for first time to an Grand Prix this year at Monza. I have stumbles across this site a couple of weeks ago. Monza Train Station | The F1 Spectator From here there are a number of ways to continue to the circuit which are listed below. Shouldnt be such an issue on Friday, but still worth getting there early as you can. Its about 15-20 minutes walk from where the Black line bus from Monza Railway station drops you off. Sorry, but I guess you will have to buy when you arrive. We arent in a hurry on the day, but conscious of limiting the amount of walking for our particular group of 4. On the race day, there is a free train from Milan Central Train Station, but is very crowded. The event has been sanitized. The circuit doesnt seem to have a person just an automated telephone. We did have lunch at Costa Alta which was very nice indeed. Better to take the train to Monza station, then bus/shuttle. Im surprised because 11 is the race. Hello! Hi Amanda & Andy, Im not sure there is an easier way to pre-book parking tickets. There is also a special return ticket valid from all stations in Lombardy to Monza or Biassono-Lesmo for 13 euros per day (only worthy if travelling from quite far away, since standard return from Milan to Monza is only 4.8 euros). Im coming on a motorbike to Monza. Download the new Monza 100 app, which has good maps of all the facilities at the circuit, including toilets. We are coming to the race September 2nd and we have a 5 year old and a grandfather (80 years old) that can not walk a lot with us. I will likely touch base with ?s very you again over the next several months. Hi to both of you, Id consider driving to Milan, finding some suitable/safe parking and then taking the train or the bus to the circuit. Thankyou, Hi Trevor, it wont be running today, but you can take the 221 bus from outside Monza railway station. Make sure you wear some comfortable shoes and go explore Monza, its a magical place. We will have a car to get around but also understand that a train ride might be even better, or trial and race days. The trip to Monza is very short, about 15 minutes, maybe. Hi Paulina, I think you should explore the whole circuit :) Remember on Friday that you can sit in any grandstand you wish, apart from Centrale. 2) With local roads closed is there sufficient signage and guidance to find your way or does it need extensive planning? Next time I would do exactly the same but stay at the circuit a bit longer. Do you have any update regarding transportation? Entrances A and B are indeed best for Grandstand 8b. To Monza and shuttle bus, or too Biassano and walk to prima variante. We would like to park at the Gold parking. We had tickets for Grandstand 8a, east side external seating. Is it possible to do a day trip from Milan to go to the ferrari museum? Another option is to take the 221 bus from Monza station which heads more into the town of Monza itself and will get you closer to the entrance gates (Black shuttle goes through the park). It was well signposted and easy to follow. It stops nearby at 11:45 PM. The majority of toll exits are automated, but an English option is available and its not too difficult to work out. Yes you can buy open return tickets. Many thanks! There are also buses, and I think the Z221 bus stops right near your hotel and goes to Monza. We are going to Monza this year to support Max and have tickets for grandstand 8b. Do you know if, with reduced capacity for next weeks GP, shuttle buses from Monza train station will be running at the same times as mentioned above? Hi Martin, take the train from Centrale to Monza railway station, then hop on the Black line shuttle to the circuit. If you planning a trip to Monza, I wish you have a great time and watch an amazing race. Will travel by car from Bergamo, with ticket booked in 26C grandstand. Thanks so much! And finally Trenord offers for the Monza GP an extraordinary train service for 5 euros on Sunday only. Definitely recommended when compared to the food & beverage close to the stands 8a with higher prices and long queues. it will be quite difficult, and please note that the taxi drivers are refusing the clients (incredible!) Do you think it will be practical to visit both? Monza train station is in Monza town centre, about 6.6 km from the track. So 30 minutes total not including any wait time to get on the black shuttle. Id be inclined to find a secure park in Milan for your car and belongings for race day, then take the train to and from Monza. Great website! I would still take the train. and when you were at Monza Grand Prix was it possible to get a taxi to and from there? Myself and my son are now all set to attend from Thursday till Monday. Would you know what this is? I am staying in Milano, close to station Certosa. Yes, I think using Biassonno-Lesmo train station is a good idea. Hi Andrew thank you so much for this great website! Im hoping that is just pre-purchase and we can still get them on the day? in your navigation system, and then try to find a spot for parking (free o paying). Or would it be best to take a taxi to milan central and train to monza? Hi..whats the best transport option if you have the seat in the Gradinate Traguardo T3? It will be chaos and you are liable to be stuck for hours, especially getting out. Hi Johan, 6C is a good stand! My girl friend and myself had to go through the nonsense today at the sesto m1 station. How often do the local 221 buses run on Sunday .. Would it be easy get a taxi to entrance B on race day.. My son is disabled but can walk , however very long walks are a problem do you know if the track would provide transport to our seats once were inside the track ?.. From there you can take the Blue shuttle bus, which will drop you off at Ingresso (Gate) G. From there, I estimate around a 15-20 minute walk to Ascari. Think twice before you visit as it may turn your vacation into a such an unpleasant waste of time. Hello, I will visit monza for the 2017 Grand Prix and I would like to ask if the transport info are still valid. Please note that you will have a lot of traffic, use the road passing through Desio in both cases, and avoid passing through Monza town! Hi, Thank you! Yes, if the General Admission tickets are not yet sold out. Then you have to walk into the park for Parabolica (easy to find). Sander, Yes for sure you will make it, provided your flight is on time. Driving is also worth considering, but the local traffic can get pretty bad on race weekend. I found the Italians were nothing but wonderful friendly people. Otherwise, you will be worried the whole day about missing your flight and wont enjoy the race! The benefit of a taxi is that you can get dropped off closer to the circuit. It is an amazing atmosphere, people from all over the world enjoying themselves. The journey from Como to Monza by Train is 29 km and takes 51 min. Otherwise, I would recommend calling an Uber or taxi to take you back to your hotel. Im coming from Adelaide, Australia and am looking forward to going to Monza for tas they may not be the most expensivehe 1st time. I just attended the August 31,2017 pit F1 put walk today. From my research, I think I want to watch qualifying etc. It was the easiest car journey to any Grand Prix I have attended. It is the capital of the Province of Monza and Brianza. Hi, many thanks for the great tips. We are sitting at 26C. Click here for more info on wheelchair/disabled access at Monza. we have hired a car and need to travel in from Lecco each day Hi Andrew! We have grandstand 1 tickets for Sunday, booked through F1.com that we are picking up from the track. Authorities began looking for land to create a circuit to test their cars and demonstrate to the rest of the world their superiority through sporting success. Locals are rude and pushing around. Hi Trevor! It is also possible to take bus 100 to the circuit! I am first time travelling to Milano and Monza this weekend. My thoughts from reading the comments are to both arrive and depart the track via the Biassono-Lesmo station and walk from there to avoid the larger crush at the main station. Any help on how to get to the gates A-B-F for thursday? Driving. As for the drinks in the paddock club; you normally get around 1.5 to 2 hours there with as much food and drink as you can handle, plus cool simulators to try out and you also get to meet a driver (in our case, Esteban Ocon). Looks like its just a translation glitch :), Thanks! Will look at taxis as well to help with this, but is this a bad/expensive idea on race-day (because of heavy traffic, etc)? Hello Would this make sense for track sections 21D or 8B? Also I have read about needing to validate train tickets by getting them stamped, do you know if thats the same with these? I really thought the offer would be valid for all three days. Were in the same boat. Definitely check out the Lesmo area at the top of the circuit. Better alternative is Gibraldi station. Another option would be a taxi to the north of Milan, to Sesto San Giovanni, followed by the 221 bus to Monza. It is my guess that Ferrari have the best opportunity since Alonso in 2010 to have two cars on the podium, even a 1-2. Does anyone know if the race day train service stops at Sesto San Giovanni station en route from Milan Centrale? The Black line runs from the Monza railway station to the circuit, the Blue line serves carparks to the north and east of the circuit, and the Purple line serves carparks to the south and east. I notice the train schedule has the earliest departure at 8:55 am.GP 3 is on the track at 9:00am, will I have to take the train and shuttle from Garibaldi instead for an early arrival? I cant believe its 2 weeks before the event and they havent been shipped, utter rubbish. I intend to check out Thursdays proceedings. You need a train for either Monza station (followed by black shuttle) or Biassono-Lesmo (just a walk). Where to park the car? This can have a knock on effect to the bus service/trains etc ex Monza on the Sunday. Thanks for the information, by the way, very helpful! What is the best way to travel by train ? I hear girls screaming and asking people stop pushing but no one seem to care. 35 minute queue for 1 tap. A group of 4 of us are attending Monza this year we have booked our rental motorhome into the Autodromo itself and have tickets in grandstand 8b row L. After you get off the shuttle, youll still have a 30-40 minute walk to your grandstand. Definitely the experience in General Admission has declined rapidly in recent years with the higher attendance. More info here: http://www.monzanet.it/en/formula1/3125/F1%20minisito%202012_Centri%20accrediti%20en Heres the map you need: http://www.monzanet.it/get/3029/2239/mappa%20completa%20+%20legenda%20parcheggi%20+%20tribune%202014.pdf. So looking at the map can we drive to a car park on S.Maria area? Hey, great guide! We have General Admission tickets and thought about driving by car to Monza as we need to leave Milan in the evening anyways and I heard about the struggle catching a train/bus back to the city after the race. Hi Nathaniel, I recommend you wander the circuit to find the best areas on Saturday to decide on the spot you like best for the race. We will be taking the train from Milan to Monza, but Im unsure what is the best route. Maybe see you at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival this December! Hi! or do you suggest another entrance :). I Otherwise, you will be faced with a long way (at least 20-30 mins), even if you take the shuttle bus from the train station or parking. And do you have any tips? This one official, near first corner is fully booked. In my opinion, the longer train journey (and 0.40 difference in fare) is quickly compensated by avoiding the crowd taking shuttle buses at Monza (and bad traffic), and the twenty minute walk to the main gate. Thank you very much. susan miller barry mannakee, matt araiza draft projection,

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